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This Small Crypto May Be Poised for a Rally to Fresh All-Time Highs

The uptrend seen by the aggregated crypto market throughout January began altering into a full-blown “altseason” in early February, when Bitcoin’s break above $10,000 allowing multiple cryptos including Ethereum, Chainlink, and Tezos to see massive rallies. Now…
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Bitcoin Just Bounced at a Key Level, Signaling Further Gains are Imminent

Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have seen some turbulence over the past couple of days, with bears gaining firm control over the entire market after BTC broke below $10,000 this past weekend. Analysts are now noting that things may not be as bearish as they seem…
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Here’s the Key Level Bitcoin Needs to Hold Above to Remain Bullish

Bitcoin has been caught within intense turbulence over the past several day and weeks, with its recent price action being primarily bear-favoring as the cryptocurrency struggles to gain any notable upwards momentum after falling below its key support level at $10,000. In the…

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Ethereum News

Ethereum on the Brink of a Major Selloff as It Nears Critical Support Level

Bitcoin saw a notable selloff this morning that sent it reeling below its key support at $10,000, which instantly led major altcoins like Ethereum to similarly see major pullbacks. In the case of ETH, this selloff has sent it down to a key near-term support level, and if this breaks, analysts are noting that the cryptocurrency could see a massive…

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Bitcoin Buyers Absorb a Massive Influx of Selling Pressure; Bullish Continuation Inbound?

Bitcoin was able to incur some steady upwards momentum yesterday, which allowed its price to rapidly climb up to its 2020 highs of $9,200 before it faced some strong selling pressure that led it to plummet back towards $8,900. Buyer were able to absorb the majority of this selling pressure, however, and have allowed the cryptocurrency to recapture…