ABCC Exchange Partners With Tron (TRX) to List TRC10 Tokens 10

ABCC Exchange Partners With Tron (TRX) to List TRC10 Tokens

Two days ago, the team at ABCC Exchange announced that they would be partnering with the Tron (TRX) foundation to list TRC-10 tokens on the platform. The tweet (below) making the announcement was also a few days before the NiTRON summit that starts today, January 17th.

We are excited to announce our partnership with @Tronfoundation ahead of #niTROn2019! @Justinsuntron #ABCC is the 1st exchange that will list #TRX 10 tokens – We are one of the top exchanges with great security and user interface. Stay tuned! #Blockchain mass adoption is coming

Difference Between TRC-10 and TRC-20 Tron Tokens

The Tron TRC10 tokens are considered as being the simplest to create without much computer  programming knowledge. They work without the Tron Virtual Machine and can be created easily by logging into TRC10 transactions incur no fee due to their limited use of bandwidth on the network.

In the case of TRC20 tokens, their creation necessitates an understanding of the workings of Smart contracts and the Tron Virtual Machine that executes them. These tokens consume bandwidth and energy per transaction.

More on the NiTRON Summit

The NiTRON summit that begins today in San Francisco is meant to bring together like minded individuals in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and investing industries. The two day event will bring together developers, TRX crypto enthusiasts, investors and special guests who double up as influential individuals in the fields of blockchain and investing.

About ABCC Exchange

ABCC Exchange was founded by Calvin Cheng who is a technology and media magnate. The exchange has other co-founders who have a broad range of experience in successful ventures related to the internet, financial services and management consulting firms.

The exchange pairs 105 digital assets with the three base currencies of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Perhaps the TRC10 tokens will be paired with TRX thus making the digital asset also a base pair on the cryptocurrency exchange. This would be similar to how ETH is paired with several of its ERC20 tokens on most exchanges.

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