About 20 Startups and Small Business to Ride On The Waves (WAVES) Platform 10

About 20 Startups and Small Business to Ride On The Waves (WAVES) Platform

The Waves Lab accelerator was launched last year in December and has since grown in terms of demand by projects to participate in the program. The Waves (WAVES) Lab is a focused startup incubator for talented visionaries creating disruptive solutions to real-world problems using the Waves Platform’s infrastructure. The Waves Lab provides seed funding of up to $300,000, advice, resources, PR and Marketing and legal support for those who manage to apply to the program successfully.

In the 4 – 5 months the accelerator has been active, it has managed to have over 20 startups and small businesses in the process of using the Waves platform in their projects.

The list and short description of each startup or business has been outlined below.

  1. Boltt – project set to launch the ultimate digital health currency for the masses called BolttCoin tokens
  2. MDL Talent Hub – an ecosystem designed to facilitate the talent sourcing market by offering an efficient and effective medium for the collaboration between artists, bookers and brands
  3. Cypherock – developing a design layer over existing hardware wallets to offer seamless and secure mobile blockchain transactions
  4. Button – a crypto exchange in Telegram messanger
  5. Be Fit By Me – fitness application that rewards exercise in a monetary way
  6. BeeMedics – blockchain based healthcare service
  7. Newslines – decentralized protocol for trusted news applicaitons
  8. LEE from Zursh – a business research engine in Q&A interface
  9. Staps – motivates people to walk and in the process, mine tokens
  10. Noxbox – a global labor exchange
  11. Truztar – B2B intelligence company that leverages the robust tech of AI and blockchain to solve core business intelligence hurdles
  12. WAXEX – links your bank account to the Waves DEX
  13. Drac – fosters blockchain investment and its implementation, payments, social projects and prediction markets
  14. MANNA – a DronATM to deliver smart and secure crypto and fiat transactions to local residents and companies
  15. GameX – gaming themed crypto on the Waves Platform
  16. BitBank – predictive price forecasts and indicators/features in the crypto orderbooks with live updates
  17. HOLDVEST – blockchain investment platform that combines exchanges, brokerages and instant trading Apps
  18. TokenLoyalty – combines a loyalty system and the marketing possibilities of such systems
  19. TERA VERA – revenue based finance solution
  20. Tradingene – First blockchain based marketplace of trading algorithms
  21. Paytomat – blockchain based payment processing system to link merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to create real life traction for crypto

All these projects quote Waves as having the best speed, reliability, smart contracts capability, Waves DEX, security and low transaction fees as the main reasons to choose the platform.