After Trive And Samsung, ICON (ICX) Partners Deloitte On Empowering Blockchain Projects 10

After Trive And Samsung, ICON (ICX) Partners Deloitte On Empowering Blockchain Projects

ICON (ICX) and Deloitte Startup Advisory Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to advance blockchain projects in the world, ensuring the empowerment and commercialization of blockchain based projects.

The partnership extends to Deloitte Blockchain Lab, a blockchain incubation firm that has developed and commercialized over 30 blockchain projects.

ICON, in the partnership will see to the strengthening of the two in the blockchain world, thereby increasing the use cases of blockchain technology.

The Deloitte Startup Advisory Group is a body that renders professional services for the commercialization of blockchain based projects, offering accounting/financial consulting, tax advisory, risk consulting, investment sourcing and overseas advancement support.

Through the partnership, more startups would be empowered by proffering incentives to promising ideas.

“We expect to expand our blockchain network and activities with the collaboration of Deloitte’s global network and partners,” JH Kim, ICON council member stated.

Why rendering his voice, YH Kim, Managing director of Deloitte Startup Advisory Group, stated: “Collaboration between leading companies in the blockchain business is essential. By working with ICON we look forward to creating best practices for applying blockchain technology in the real world and expand our strength in the blockchain industry.”

Trive Parners ICON

ICON has been gaining massive recognitions over the month, recently it partnered with TRIVE, formally referred to as “TRi5 Ventures”, a Singapore-based venture capital industry. The two will be developing an ICON-centred blockchain courses. The courses are to be taught using TRIVE’s programming schools, Upcode Academy Singapore, and Coder School Vietnam.

Samsung Pass Service To Use CHAIN ID

CHAIN ID, developed using loopchain, a technology invented by ICON, is signaled to be used in “Samsung Pass” service.

CHAIN ID is regarded as the world’s first blockchain joint authentication service devised using theloop’s proprietary ‘loopchain’ engine.

ICON Partners Line Plus, To Invent Unchain

ICON has partnered with LINE PLUS, a social platform with more than 200 million monthly average users worldwide, to invent ‘Unchain’, a technology centered on developing many DApp services.

Owing to the numerous chain of partnerships that ICON has been gaining over the years, it is enough to say the ICON technology is the next revolution in the blockchain space.