Allvor: Outstanding Ripple-dependent Cryptocurrency For E-commerce surfaces 10

Allvor: Outstanding Ripple-dependent Cryptocurrency For E-commerce surfaces

Ripple is getting another boost now that Allvor, the first cryptocurrency powered by XRP Ledger, centering on e-commerce has surfaced. Alvor has proposed to integrate with notable online e-commerce stores using XRP ledger superior technology. The innovation is going to be a great boost for the cryptocurrency, and make Ripple XRP, a widely used digital currency.

The Ripple-dependent innovation, according to the team behind it, has no support or sponsorship from Ripple Company.

Ripple is going to be used by online retail stores via Allvor designed plugins, the team has touted.

“In the next years, the best and most consistent blockchain technologies will transparently integrate and operate with the various layers and protocols required to conduct financial and business transactions,” the team has said.

Allvor has its token to be represented with ALV. The platform, in its whitepaper, says it “will create and encourage the creation of tools that enable the intercommunication between the real-time gross settlement possibilities available in the XRP Ledger”

“The Allvor Project will be focused on developing and encouraging the development of such integrations in order to promote the widespread use of the ALV token along with the systems that support the trade of products and services, ranging from small virtual stores to large e-commerce players,” the team reiterates.

Allvor says it aims to be the a propeller of the Ripple’s Internet of Values going by its transaction costs among other flexible values it has.

No ICO, Allvor says!

Unlike other crypto, Allvor is not planning any ICO or crowdfunding. It is distributing coins to Ripple hodlers based on what they have in their wallet as March 27, 2018. The amount of ALV to be given then depends on the amount of Ripple each account holds, and the “maximum payment limit of the Program is 1,000,000 ALV.”

The Team Behind Allvor

Allvor has five individuals as its team, with Cleyton Domingues, as the creator of the innovation. It is not clear whom the members of team are, in the future information about the team should be up in the air.

The Allvor Payment Ideas Are Outstanding.

Using XRP as a base for payment on e-commerce store is the best for Ripple. Through Allvor plugins designed for Magento, WooCommerce, and standalone e-commerce stores, there is a tendency Ripple jump all hurdles to be the next big name in the history of cryptocurrency.

Comments about Allvor

Different issues have been raised about Allvor, with some saying it is not necessary since Ripple can do all what it says it intend doing. However, the team has not presented to the world, why Allvor is more than qualified to do the services it flaunted.