Beautiful Weekend: All-Time Highs for Everybody – Bitcoin, Dash

Beautiful Weekend: All-Time Highs for Everybody - Bitcoin, Dash 13

Bitcoin hits another record value against the US Dollar while being followed by altcoins at the top of the list which is ranked by market capitalization. How far will the end-of-year[ish] surge go?

What is the best way to start the weekend? It is when you go into a crypto-price showcasing [on moment] site and see all the green positive numbers that are being appreciated by the virtual currencies paired with US Dollar!

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Source: coinmarketcap

The bitcoin price has achieved a new all-time high for the second time this week at $8,668, with strong momentum led by Japan and South Korea.

Over the past few days, the two largest bitcoin markets demonstrated trades with significantly high premiums. Yesterday, on November 24, it has been reported that South Korean investors traded bitcoin with a $300 premium.

For the moment, in SK – Bitcoin is still being paired with a very high premium of around $200 as per time of writing, on Bithumb, the world’s largest virtual currency exchange by daily trading volume, BTC is being trading with an addition of $200 higher than the average global value.

Shinhan, South Korea’s second largest commercial bank with major influence over the South Korean finance sector, has begun the testing of its bitcoin vault and wallet services, which will be offered to its clients by mid-2018.

“Shinhan is testing a virtual bitcoin vault platform wherein the private keys of bitcoin addresses and wallets are managed and issued by the bank. The bank intends to provide the vault service for free and charge a fee for withdrawals.”

The integration of bitcoin by a major commercial bank in South Korea will likely lead to the imposition of regulatory frameworks by local financial authorities on bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses.

On the other hand, has just moon-landed another record price after taking for itself the fifth place by market cap at $630.00 [a very eye-opening turn of events after the much anticipated prices that were predicted during the summer for Ethereum].

These prices don’t surprise long-time proponents of these privacy coins, but they do bode well for continued adoption of the cryptocoins in question.

Surely, in Monero and Dash, many users are attracted their cash-like fungibility, which is — as Litecoin creator Charlie Lee recently noted — the “only feature of good money that Bitcoin/Litecoin is missing.”

This level of privacy is attractive for many reasons, obviously.