Best Ways to adopt Blockchain technology – Russia continues

New information has been reported by The Security Council of the Russian Federation on the national adoption of Block-tech


In a website post today, The Russian Government has announced to release again information regarding the potential adoption of block-teck. The continuation of Russia’s interest in blockchain as been shown by noting that the new technology was discussed in a join meeting between the Security Council’s interdepartmental commission for security in the economic and social sphere and the Scientific Council.

It is outlined and noted on the significant advantages of utilizing blockchain technology, especially in financial applications. However, the biggest concerns are related to information security as it pertains to the new technology was the central focus of the meeting.

Today’s statement indicates a continuing interest by the Russian government in blockchain technology development and implementation. High profile meetings with Russian government officials and companies have already taken place, signaling a resolved commitment to address how blockchain can enhance the Russian economy and society.

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