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Bexplus Investors Evaluation: Both BTC Price Up and Down are Profitable

Bexplus Investors Evaluation: Both BTC Price Up and Down are Profitable

The present total market cap of the crypto market is about $135 billion and 24h trading volume is $16 billion. Bitcoin prices at around $3,940 now and it was under the pressure of $4,000 yesterday. Besides, it started a downside move of -1% earlier today with a slight bounce back. If you want to chase the BTC rising, just be cautious, because the primary trend of BTC is still downward. It’s significant to be emphasized that the Bitcoin market will continue a volatile trend in the near future.  BTC swing trading, i.e. BTC futures contract is more profitable than BTC spot trades. Lots of smart investors especially the veterans will hold the BTC spot and hedge it with BTC futures so as to reduce the risks. This also a common thing in forex trading market.

How to Invest in BTC Futures Trading in Bexplus

Different from the BTC spot trade, BTC futures trading gives you chance to make profits on both uptrend and downtrend of the market. You can choose to long (predicting BTC price up) or short (predicting BTC price down). In addition, BTC futures always have leverage added, which means that with a limited amount of BTC, you can profit much more by leveraging your BTC futures position.

For example, suppose that you think that BTC price will rise to $4,200, and you open a long position at $3,900 with 10x leverage added. When BTC did reach $4,200, you can get 70% profit. On the contrary, you assume BTC price will fall to $3,600 and open a short position at $3,900. If BTC did go down to the target price you supposed, you can also get up to 80% profit with 10x leverage.  

Give the current BTC trend, if BTC breaks through the $3,900 support, it might jump back to $3,800, and you have a chance to earn money by selling/down (short BTC). If it signals a rebound and recovery in a day, you can buy/up (long BTC) and focus on the $4,050 resistance line. Once BTC hits and stabilizes at $4,000, you can close the position and wait for the next trend.

Read up here, you may want to try BTC futures trading and earn money. But how to get started? Firstly, you should get to know the types of futures contract. In general, there are a weekly contract, quarter contract, and perpetual contract. The first two means that you can only end the contract at expiry, while perpetual contract enables you to close the order anytime you want. Therefore, BTC futures perpetual contract is the one I recommend.

Why to Trade BTC Futures on Bexplus?

Bexplus is a relative new Bitcoin futures exchange which provides a perpetual contract of BTC, ETH and LTC futures with 100x leverage. Headquartered at Hong Kong, it has established offices in United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, India, and Nigeria. It supports 15 languages and covers 26 countries and regions worldwide.

With 100x leverage, you have a chance to enter a 100 BTC trade even if you just hold 1 BTC. In addition, when the order is executed, you can set stop-profit and stop-loss points to control the risks. One of the most awesome features of Bexplus is that it offers trading simulator with 10 BTC preset. If you are a beginner at the BTC futures trading area, you can familiarize yourself with futures contract in the simulated trading mode. Besides, Bexplus also provides P/L calculator which helps you measure the profit before starting the real trading.

Deposit Any Amount of BTC to Earn 50% BTC Bonus

The deposit activity is available on Bexplus. When you finished deposit, you can contact its investment consultant for 50% free BTC bonus. You can also trade BTC futures with the bonus and withdraw them.


The BTC market is ruthless. If you blindly enter the market without any perception as well as basic knowledge and analysis, you may lose money on it. That’s why I remind you to learn more about BTC futures trading before getting into the real trade. If you need help, suggest you contact Bexplus investment consultants, from whom I also get some useful trading tricks and tips.

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