Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins ETH, XRP About to Hit Monthly Lowers: Market Plunge

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The leading coin by market capitalization Bitcoin (BTC) has seen better starts of the week as today [Monday 29th Oct] in a matter of minutes its value dropped from $6,490.00 to $6,344.00 and continued declining until it hit just above $6,300.00 against the US Dollar.

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Source: coinmarketcap

Not being able to close successfully above the major $6,500.00 tanked its price with a bitter end-result. The first-seat competitor Ethereum deep-dived below $200.00 as it is changing hands at $196.46 counting 3.95% decrease for the last 24-hours, getting closer to its monthly lowest of $190.00 [Oct 12, 2018].

XRP – after recovering from the 24th Oct drop, the speedy crypto had no major move for a couple of days while only bound-ranging in a narrow path. For all XRP HODlers not much has changed since past week as its value has returned below 7-days lowest.


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