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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Double Digit Gain While Accepted as Payments by Germany Leading Delivery Firms

It has been just announced that one of the major delivery services in Germany is giving the opportunity to users to complete payments of the particular order with BTC or BCH [Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash]. The movement is of great importance as it marks the first truly leading company in Germany to offer payments in cryptocoins.

While using the firms app – Liferando application, at the Pay step you will be approached by the options:

BCH Paying

Language – German while using the app!

The parent company of Liferando is BV and accordingly the payments and transfers are completed through the famous Bitpay – crypto payment provider. BV operates numerous online delivery services in Europe. In 2017 , the company achieved sales of 166.5 million euros, an increase of an impressive 49% over the previous year. Of this, 58 million went to the German market. There are currently rumors that the company is considering a merger with the German market leader Delivery Hero.

The event of accepting Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin as means of payment by Liferando is very positive for the German market and confidence-giver in general. Finding practical use and being accepted, are two very important sides of the coins that will be hoisting their success in the long term-run. Any crypto-enthusiasts can certainly forward to the fact that this year will be holding much more to show.

Per time of writing, the pair BCH/USD is the leading pair by increase in the last 24-hours as it is recovering above $1,140 with the only appreciating a double digit gain of 10.50 percent. Despite dropping below the important $1,000, the price was able to move above and march upwards adding $150.00.

BCH Trading

Source: coinmarketcap

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