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Bitcoin losses $1000 in price since all time high – flows below $2000

The lowest in almost 2 months


Even with its dominance in the downward flow on the market as a whole, bitcoin today since around the 28th of May hit the lowest with its value going lower than $2000. As of the time of this article it is around $1865 the lowest for 50 days now.

Source: coinmarketcap

A proportional function had the total crypto-market and the crypto assets while the share crashed to $69 billion which is 40% lower than the $115 billion in June.

This is a clear picture on the move for all the market and bitcoin since late May.

Source: coinmarketcap

Many analysts responded the downflow and the whole market declination as a short-term concern related to the market.

There are these of the crowd that directed their finger to the roadmap of bitcoin’s technical development and being uncertain on how these upgrades will reflect later on.

“It could be people who are not comfortable in holding bitcoin because of August 1st due date,” Andrea Medri, founder of cryptocurrency exchange The Rock Trading

In a same way, because of the daily offering towards ICO projects, the sell pressure that has been made using ether – the blockchain asset of ethereum had a price fall for a couple of weeks now.


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