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Bitcoin Potential Fork – OKEx will stop trading

1st of August is coming!


Chinese bitcoin giant OKCoin’s international only exchange platform branch OKEx announced its changed that will be taking place as of the USAF (user activated soft fork) on August 1st.

During the low-fall that has been noticed during late May – OKEx has been launched which is the only OKCoin international exchange and margin trading place and platform for its users.

The deposit and withdrawal function will not be available from 31st of July until the 2nd of August, to evade any potential attacks that may cause network instability .

“We believe that the fight for the future of Bitcoin has been based on technical ideas, not on conspiracy theories,” the leverage-enabled trading exchange opined, “or politics amongst various companies and organizations.

When the much anticipated split and fork of the bitcoin blockchain happens, OKEx did announce promising its users ownership to their right coin as they are users of any blockchain. On Top of that the blockchain asset exchange-only spot is promising support to its users for any type of bitcoin.

“On OKEx contracts trading, for existing undelivered maturities, the calculation of the Index price will be the sum price of all Bitcoin types of the respective exchanges should they support them,” OKEx wrote. “After delivery, new OKEx contracts will be tied to a particular version of Bitcoin, and OKEx will take steps to support contract trading for all types of Bitcoin. “

The announcement continued with giving tips as advised to users to deposit bitcoin for any uninterrupted trading as it will “handle all resulting technical issues”.

OKCoin – which enabled before to trade ethereum for Chinese users wants to push bitcoin trading community to work together and solve any issues:

“work together and resolve any outstanding technical issues” in order to solve Bitcoin’s scaling issues.

“No matter how dominant, how much market share you have, if you do not adopt the latest technology and fail to constantly improve on the core user value proposition, time will pass you by,” warned OKCoin in a plea at the time.

Having the USAF 1st of August ahead OKCoin on its revealed roadmap said:

We believe in the years ahead, after a long period of market competition, one or several versions of Bitcoin will be widely adopted.




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