Bitcoin Price Climbing $10,000: 18-Year-Old and a Cryptocurrency Millionaire Predicts

Bitcoin Price Climbing $10,000: 18-Year-Old and a Cryptocurrency Millionaire Predicts 13

Anybody that did buy their way early into cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, are now having quite the net worth uplifting them.

One of them, is Erik Finman – only 18 but with a net worth of approximately $1.7 million or in digital currency: 403 Bitcoins. However, even now according to Finman buying and investing on bitcoin would be a “smart decision for financial purposes” while keeping in mind the latest development in the market of cryptocurrencies and their prices. For him, as per-the moment he is only concentrating in bitcoin trading and investments.

As many call it the “the Gold of crypto” and predict the price of Bitcoin to go higher even knowing its volatility, Finman expects and proudly pronounced that there is a high possibility for it to go “much, much higher” going past and over $10,000 per coin.

Anything Else on the Portfolio

Erik F. for the moment is not very attracted by any other digital asset for example bitcoin cash which was created from bitcoin’s network that was much debated by the community and from his eyes it is not:

“An offshoot that’s more of a minor experiment than a true successor to bitcoin itself”.

With the same mindset he confronts Ethereum, the second in lead by market capitalization in the crypto world. Its coin price for the moment is around $300 and there are many indicators showing that its value will be climbing higher.

bitcoin price

Source: Coinmarketcap

From his experience, a lot of “short-term money” could be made with Ether but on the other hand he takes it hard to be convinced that its worth for a long-term shot into the digital currency. In the bitcoin community, Ethereum in some cases is described as “Ponzi-coin and he might agree with it”.

When it comes to ICOs, his main concern is that in theory they look really good, creative and innovative but in contrary ICOs are significantly unregulated and very risky for investors.

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