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Bitcoin’s Futures on the CME Market to Make an Impact on Crypto

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With the latest announcement of Bitcoin futures being listen in Q4 2017 by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s, various investors and traders [traditional and crypto-oriented] will enter the scene and have been making great abuzz over the change.

It obviously understood that with higher interest and the Bitcoin trend going on right now on the news and social media, its price and demand will grow proportionally upwards.

So with the CME being the world’s largest regulated FX marketplace, their impending Bitcoin futures will likely create, or initiate, a bona-fide boom in institutional and mainstream interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general the likes of which the space hasn’t seen before.

In the years ahead, there will be a milestone all crypto enthusiasts point back to as the moment when critical mass (as far as mainstream adoption goes) was catalyzed. The CME’s first-mover listing could be that milestone.

In simple words –  a true domino effect is waiting ahead for the digital currency space. With Bitcoin being called “a new asset class” by the very well known CME chairman Leo Melamed and its company institutional offering of BTC futures may cause a catapult effect on listings until mainstream embraces the new asset.

First, there will be Bitcoin futures available to institutional investors. Then inevitably will arrive Bitcoin ETFs.Cboe Global Markets Inc. president Chris Concannon has already said Cboe’s working on bringing.  Bitcoin exchange-traded funds to the market:

“With regulated futures of a certain asset class like a bitcoin, you do have an opportunity to introduce ETFs and over time we do envision ETFs coming to market.”

This point, when Bitcoin futures and ETF-s will be there for mainstream and traditional investors, marks a moment of comfortable-made zone to being investing directly into cryptocurrency and the technology.

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