Bitnymex – The Next Generation Of Bitcoin Trading Products

Bitnymex – The Next Generation Of Bitcoin Trading Products

Who Is Bitnymex?

The Bitnymex crypto-currency exchange was founded in late 2017, offering customers of all levels of experience an effortless trading experience and a smooth introduction into the world of crypto,

The trading platform puts great emphasis on ease of use, high-end security procedures, and responsive customer support.

The founding team behind Bitnymex is comprised of young and passionate cryptocurrency adopters, all being IIT graduates. Prior to the creation of Bitnymex, they have been involved in the development of various products that have aided consumers in making commerce–related decisions.

Bitnymex Features

Trading Products

This advanced crypto trading platform offers its clients up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin and high leverage on altcoin contracts, and has no expiry dates. The platform also has more Bitcoin/USD liquidity than any other platform – 150% to be more precise – its XBTUSD market being the most liquid in the world.


Bitnymex’s trading engine uses the same advanced technology that investment banks and hedge funds use to move their funds around safely. Their engine also audits 100 times per second the balances and history of all accounts.

The platform has implemented industry-leading security features, including as the latest multi-factor authentication procedures, so that the funds remain safe and out of the reach of attackers. All funds are kept in cold storage, thus preventing any hacking attempts that might try to steal them. As a result, Bitnymex has lost no Bitcoins so far.

With their commitment to its security and customers, the Bitnymex platform is a dedicated service provider which is ideal for those that want to get into the crypto world easily.


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