Can Litecoin Price Make it This Time: The Important $100 Forecast!

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The surging trend has returned to our doorstep and took the whole market upwards. LTC/USD is on a very impressive run but can it surpass its ‘arch-enemy’?

The Silver Coin Turning Out a Great Choice

Following the massive gain over the weekend running behind Bitcoin as did all altcoins, Litecoin value did minor-crash first to $84 [which still is significantly higher than its previous trading ground] then to $78.00. At the specific mark the pair LTC/USD did find supportive traders and holder.

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Source: coinmarketcap

A return and pullback could very well take place on the coming hours if the value flows to $96-$95 but looking at the whole market surge this could be the time that Litecoin closes successfully above the $100.00 important level. [On its third attempt now!]

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On the top ten cryptocurrency list ranked by market capitalization, for the moment LTC/USD is leading with 11.76 percent followed by ETC and IOTA.

A very matured [after the changes in price during the weekend] and stable market is being developed for the moment as a singular pattern is drawn out while altcoins are following the #1 – BTC.