Cardano (ADA) Expansion is not Relaxing: Africa and Asia

Cardano Plans

Input Output HK or mostly known as IOHK which we all know for creating and developing the 8th largest coin Cardano [ADA], is reaching very widely in a globe-range.

Right now, IOHK is delivering the blockchain platform in various countries in Africa and Asia. It is not long ago, when our team covered the signed partnership between the Ethiopian gov and Cardano. It was announced that Cardano’s blockchain technology will be studied and explored out for use cases in the nation’s Agritech industry.

The announcement has come to public via Charles Hoskinson twitter profile as he let know that a formalized contract has been made with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Ethiopian coffee supply chain may soon be using the Cardano blockchain. IOHK will help the government of Ethiopia to hire and train junior software developers to learn about using Cardano blockchain solutions and implement them in the coffee supply chain. It is planned to initiate this September with 30 female developers making the group.

Director of African Operations – John O’Connor added:

“We did not arrive with solutions, but with a commitment to find them. Seeing the ideas that emerged from the dialogue between IOHK and the ministry validated our launch in Ethiopia, and our belief in a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. This belief is enshrined in the MoU Charles signed with the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Getahun.”

The tech solutions that the firm is offering could find use in land registry too in Rwanda, in which case advantage will be taken of high-mobile penetration.

Cardano in Asia

Similar in the food industry, the Cardano team is looking to implement its blockchain technology in Vietnam and Cambodia for tracing beef supply. On the other side, Emurgo Hong Kong – Cardano platform development company, will be attempting to publish university level digital certificates using Cardano’s blockchain network. This will be done with the target to lower falsification and theft.

CEO of IOHK and founder of Cardano – Charles Hoskinson on adoption and tech utilization:

“It creates a single global market enabling anyone to trade at a global scale, which is revolutionary. The blockchain platform can solve many varied issues and make the world a better place.”