Cardano (ADA) Improved Version Announced by CEO Charles Hoskinson

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New Protocol Cardano

Via his twitter handle, the founder of Cardano project and ex-part of Ethereum – Charles Hoskinson, declared the newest version of Cardano’s protocol.

The specific details on the release have yet to be made public concerning the updates of the 1.3 protocol version. The bettering mostly as it seems target the Daedalus wallet and the protocol itself. Mr. Hoskinson commented on how the main issues to deal with were memory improvement and speed, and the 1.3 version has cleared the QA period. The stated update is set to come true in the next days, while the 1.4 according to the roadmap is set to go into the QA period after Sep 4.

Cardano ADA

Cardano was seen as a project potentially displacing Ethereum with a better consensus approach. However, at the moment, the Cardano network does not even line up among the most active ones. Numerous ADA owners hold their assets in the Binance wallet, which is the richest one with around 10% of ADA holdings.

The daily active unit in terms of daily trx is far lower at Cardano’s blockchain compared to platforms like TRON (TRX).  The network’s explorer showcases that the blocks mostly hold one or two transactions.

Continuing, Mr. Hoskinson believes and hopes to see Cardano be the first trillion dollar cryptocurrency. With the event it would clearly prove that it is a self-maintainable financial structure. Parallel with that, with ADA he wants shift while shaping differently how we think of the coins and use them. While many see ADA tokens just as a way to profit financially by selling, buying [trading], Charles Hoskinson mentioned that he has high hopes that users will find the opportunity to use the coins in real life.