Cardano (ADA) Threatening Cryptocurrency Market Leaders

Cardano ADA Trading

The past two weeks could easily be considered Cardano’s week. First the IOHK meeting with Google in London for a could-turn out true partnership but with just a few details let known.

Future of Cardano Looking Solid

Charles Hoskinson received and accepted an invitation by Google to put on table various technological advancements that would help both enterprises. Details of the meeting will be made soon enough public for the crypto-community, according to Mr. Hoskinson.

.@IOHK_Charles was invited to talk about Cardano and the future of cryptocurrencies at Google’s London Headquarters last month. Read @InputOutputHK ‘s blog post on the visit here:

— Cardano Community (@cardanocom) June 28, 2018

This came right after Mr. Hoskinson proposed a partnership with Tron’s Justin Sun.

Right now, IOHK is delivering the blockchain platform in various countries in Africa and Asia. It is not long ago, when our team covered the signed partnership between the Ethiopian gov and Cardano.

Following up, Cardano has continued to raise its bar of presence in various markets. The ADA coin listing on Bitkub in Thailand is a show of its intent to continue venturing into unexploited markets.

With all the-above being said, it is easy to conclude that many crypto-enthusiasts have put Cardano under a choice for wallet diversification.

On the updates and improvements of its platform’s infrastructure, worthy to be mentioned is the Plutus Corewhich is a language that will work well with the Cardano simplicity.

“It is highly expressive yet simple and secure. It is based on well-understood ideas from programming language theory, for example, pure functional programming, which will enable verification technique to ensure correctness of scripts. Plutus Core is not designed to be written directly by programmers but to be a target for compilers, including the Plutus language.”

As explained above, Bitkub listed Cardano (ADA) as a trading option on the digital asset platform. In Thailand, Bitkub has a very large fan base.