Cardano (ADA) To Initiate Dual Test Net and Updates by the CEO Hoskinson

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Various technical updates and let-knows have been released by IOHK Cardano that talk about Wallet Backend, Daedalus, Cardano Decentralization, Networking, DevOps and many other tech-features and improvements.

Many options that could handle reverse engineering of the specifications and short term improvements inn the storage layer have been studied while making great progress by the team behind the 7th largest coin with $7.6 bln market capitalization.

They have also received results for the paper wallet certificate generator feature in the previous week and the changes that were requested have been implemented and tested, ready to be released. Test and analysis for the quality of Cardano 1.2.0 and Daedalus 0.10.0 have been initiated while just recently the team cleared very important quests on improving exchange integration processes and streamline various wallet features. There are plans set on motion with DevOps to do cross-team movements for improvement in focus and skill-equipment.

As said by the CEO of Cardano – Charles Hoskinson, IOHK is planing to have outside contractors deliver the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Cardano’s IELE testnet runs with even more backin gup by the above mentioned entity DevOps. Accordingly, the team is closing in to the launch of both testnets while a business proposal will be made in the very near term.

Mr. Hoskinson stated that the team behind the platforms is putting very much effort into keeping up complete transparency of the development phase of Cardano as he gave out updates on the release of Cardano 1.2.0 and the dual testnet launch.