Cardano [ADA] To Survive and Showcase ‘Interest’ in the long Run

Ada Trading

Experiencing the current general market uncertainty, many crypto-enthusiasts and traders ask themselves more often which coin will turn as true value in the years to come.

Taking a look at the yearly chart and seeing the not-stopping price decline of the  virtual assets you can easily conclude that 2017 was the year of gold-rush while now technological potential is truly being the base of value comparison. Additionally, if one certain blockchain platform network does find its widespread adoption it does not mean that the native token will be part of the utilization too.

With the much anticipated atomic swap being underway various token’s have their value at risk as there is no necessity of holding on a coin for a longer time. One digital currency that will not be impacted by the last mentioned factor is Cardano and its price/value staking. Opening doors for a way to receive passive income via holding the token on a longer term, will give individuals a reason to go for the leading coin. Likewise bank interest that many use to stack value but with a dose of hype.

Additionally, the same speculative-train from 2017 could pass by again hoisting the prices exponentially, following the event of the cryptocurrencies finding complete usefulness.

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The Cardano Foundation recently wiped the dust off its one-month dormant Twitter account to issue a notable announcement, divulging that Cardano’s hierarchy had undergone a sudden shift. As Charles Hoskinson, one of the masterminds behind the Ethereum and Cardano projects alike, put it, “The Babylonian Captivity of Cardano Has Ended.”

Per a public statement issued by the Foundation, Michael Parsons, the former chairman, has stepped down from his role willingly, with this change taking effect immediately.

Weiss – Ratings: According to the recent study, XRP, XLM, ADA, and EOS were rated higher than “B,” meaning that the prestigious risk assessment firm recommends their purchase.

“These are among the few that are beginning to put it all together — the advanced tech and adoption in the real world. They’re not all the way there yet. But they’re making good progress.”