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Cardano about to Enter a Passionate market with Emurgo: Metaps plus Partnership

One clear thing that all cryptos are after is mainstream adoption, a term we hear on a daily basis. A way to reach such a status is through partnerships that could help open up certain gates. In the same manner, Cardano [ADA] happily declared a new partnership that could create an entering ground for the 7th largest coin into its largest market to date.

Cardano Announcement

Cardano and Metaps plus have announced their partnership [Emurgo]. The development will include ADA in the South Korean payment platform which handles 10 mil mobile to offline transfers. Full implementation will not take place until the third quarter of 2018. However, this event could signal that Cardano is entering a very welcoming market.

On the other hand, one of EMURGO’s main goals is to bring about large scale adoption among partners. Those that wish to utilize the blockchain upon which Cardano is built to mainstream companies around the world.

Getting back to the mainstream factor, the integration of ADA into these platforms could get the coin even closer to what the coins are after. Speedy expansion and rapid growth in establishment. Metaps PR added that ADA would be used in more than 33k offline franchise stores with its integration.

Choosing ADA

Charles Hoskinson – CEO of Cardano, during an interview for IB Times, revealed long term plans that could lead to grasping true scalability and interledger peer-to-peer transactions in the platforms infrastructure:

“We are probably not going to lose a lot of Byzantine resistance. These epochs that we have come up with, there’s no reason they can’t run in parallel…”

The name of Cardano’s e-Wallet is Daedalus, one of a kind in the market. It gives users the ability to activate decentralized applications within the cryptocurrency’s Blockchain. So, it’s both very powerful, versatile and safe.

Being fully transparent because of the above-mentioned open source and peer reviewed structure, many do favorite Cardano and find its features exceptional as it makes developing in the platform very easy.