Cardano Price 400% Increase in a Month: Where is ADA headed?

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If you think that Bitcoin is the only one topping all time highs – Cardano will change your mind. An excellent weekend for anybody that foresaw this happening!

Because of the big names spinning around in the crypto-ecosystem these days like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or LTC, sometimes it feels like a lot is being missed out.

Cardano – a just debuted virtual currency with its token ADA, is rampaging apart the top of the list sorted by market capitalization as it had a strong run this month.

cardano analysis

The value surge of the pair ADA/USD in less than three weeks is close to 400 percent with a rocketing capitalization from $2 bln to $9 bln, positioning the digital currency as the seventh largest in the crypto-space.

This surge of altcoins in the recent days could be [with many other factors effecting of course] the aftereffect of Bitcoins [BTC] price jump with daily new records while being hit by the mainstream train.

The market is flooding in with new investors, traders and many figures wanting to be part of the success. The Global market trading volume hit its highest peak of $40 billion under 24 hours being paired.

However, as the price of BTC against the US Dollar increase, many do not see it reasonable to step in on something that “expensive” so another way to go – altcoins. Any that are cheap and could be successful on mid-far term understanding is a choice to go. As exchanges are adding various coins everyday there are more possibilities to try out. Like Cardano, a very promising digital currency is IOTA that boomed last week even surpassing Ripple for a couple of days in market capitalization.

With the recent developments in the market it is very easy to say that 2018 will be a year to be looking forward to so keep your eyes sharp as the one you might put aside could be the winner!