CEO of just another ICO, is now the Global Pharmaceutical CEO of the year.

CEO of just another ICO, is now the Global Pharmaceutical CEO of the year.

Established in 2017, FarmaTrust is the most efficient international monitoring device which provides safety to pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators, patients and the rest of pharmaceutical industry to ensure that counterfeit drugs are no longer being introduced into the supply chain. Despite a very young establishment, FarmaTrust has accomplished the first-rate fulfillment over the last year, thanks to the difficult work and dedication of both Raja and his numerous team members.

“Personally, I am very proud of my success so far, and it is great to have been awarded the title of CEO of the year. Much of my management style and skills came from working in so many different countries with different cultures and people. This allows a manager to understand what motivates the team and get them to work together. Here at FarmaTrust, we pride ourselves to have a very diverse workforce and make a significant effort to ensure we keep that diversity.” – Raja Sharif, at Global CEO Excellence Awards.

This collaborative, supportive technique and dynamic body of workers-centric control style is the end result of Raja’s extensive experience that comes from running a big selection of agencies. Through his present-day role, Raja now supports his team at FarmaTrust to dramatically lessen the sale and distribution of fake prescription drugs. Based on Ethereum, the company’s blockchain gadget utilizes Artificial Intelligence and large fact evaluations to provide self-belief to patients and medical practitioners worldwide, meanwhile growing efficiencies for pharmaceutical organizations.

Benefits of FarmaTrust:-

  • Eliminates wasted drugs through expiry dates or environmental condition.
  • Scales globally works in parallel with existing structures, blockchain platform impartial.
  • Contributes to the saving of lives by way of disposing of counterfeit tablets (hundreds of

thousands die in a year).

  • Predictive AI to make certain drugs gets added properly.
  • Smart contracts for automatic audit, computerized tax bills, and automobile bills
  • Stop thievery and corruption with the aid of ensuring tablets pass wherein they are intended to.
  • Data dashboards for Ministry of Health regulators, and pharmaceutical groups.

Future of the Project:-

“With regards to the future, FarmaTrust considers that the pharmaceutical supply chain could be Completely computerized from warehouses, self-driving vans, self-sailing ships, and automatic port the government in addition to customs clearance. Since they’ve made a strategic choice to be the sensor neutral and  trust that the growth in use of IOT devices and our blockchain/AI device becomes the same old for pharmaceutical supply chain logistics and information.”