CHC Token: Benefits And Opportunities The Holders Get

CHC Token: Benefits And Opportunities The Holders Get

Currently, the issues of poor international cooperation and inefficient direct interaction of different medical units significantly affect the healthcare industry. Researching a spectrum of innovative technological solutions, we conclude blockchain can help the healthcare system overcome these obstacles. High costs, loss of medical records, multi-phased receiving of information and difficult processing of data exchanges consider blockchain the answer to a prayer.

A great variety of projects based on blockchain technology strive to fill actual healthcare gaps, eliminate the above mentioned problems and open new horizons for the global medical community. One of these noble innovators deserves special attention due to its non-standard ideas and beneficial opportunities for participants deciding to join its ranks. This article is about ClinicAll, a promising ICO project aimed at giving the healthcare ecosystem a new lease on life.

A Quick Introduction To ClinicAll And Its Community

ClinicAll was formed in 2008. From the beginning its primary goal has been to achieve “healthcare digitization” through the development of modern information and communication software. The main task was to change the most outdated processes in healthcare and results were really quite impressive. During its existence, ClinicAll implemented and integrated various digital services, software solutions and personal hardware devices. Their systems were installed in various countries across the world.

ClinicAll has implemented well-coordinated software and hardware components designed to digitalize the healthcare system worldwide. Realizing the obvious advantages of blockchain, the ClinicAll leadership has adopted secure blockchain methods for payment for their services. This approach gives members of the ClinicAll Health Community(CHC) and product suppliers the possibility to employ features of this technology for their own uses.

To make the process of interaction with the project ecosystem more convenient and effective, ClinicAll has launched a free mobile app that, in future, will serve as an entry key to the ClinicAll Health Community. In this way, it won’t matter where you live; as a member of the CHC, you will get full access to all healthcare-related services and products offered within the community. Moreover, you will also be able to contact any member of the community to acquire support on any issue when necessary. The benefits and opportunities for both medical workers and patients will be numerous:

  1. Doctors and other medical staff:
  • The possibility to edit patient data
  • Live synchronisation clinic-wide
  • Automated administration
  • More time for patient care

     2) Patients:

  • Soft calls, food ordering
  • Receiving live messages from staff
  • Online check-in/check-out reducing the waiting time
  • Additional facilities in wards
  • Leisure & Rest services (taxi, restaurant, hotel discounts) for their friends and families
  • Pharmaceutical discounts

     3) To make communication between all stakeholders in the of the healthcare process easier and more efficient, ClinicAll will provide:

  • Direct communication
  • Live data access
  • A central server
  • Safe data handling

CHC Token: How To Use

Since ClinicAll is an ICO project raising funds via public sales, it has an exclusive CHT Token, which is an Utility token based on the Ethereum ERC20 Standard. The CHC token is the opportunity to join the ClinicAll ecosystem and get wide options relating to various healthcare needs. A purchaser of the CHC tokens receives the right to pay for goods and services within the partner network of ClinicAll Health Community.

If you are in a hospital, you can use tokens to pay for the ClinicAll bedside terminals in hospitals that are equipped with those. Patients and their visitors are able to apply tokens within partner snack shops, hairdressers, and restaurants. The next company plan is to invite taxi agencies and hotels in the vicinity of hospitals to join the partner network.

You will also be able to use CHC tokens to benefit from partner services both through hospital and non-hospital providers. The main goal of ClinicAll is to provide patients, their families and friends with the most comfortable conditions.

Benefits For CHC Token Holders

The company gives its members the opportunity to profit from their contributions to the ClinicAll ecosystem through its internal currency. You’re able to buy tokens at the rate of 1 CHT = 1 USD. In addition to the perspective price increasing, token holders get the possibility to spend purchased tokens on the services provided by ClinicAll’s partners:

  1. Treatment and medication:
    1. offers by connected pharmacies
  2. Patient care:
    1. optional rehab and care treatments;
    2. access to special rehab or training schedules after a hospital stay
  3. Patient comfort:
    1. additional food and beverages from clinic snack shops, etc.;
    2. hairdressers and other services within/nearby the clinic
  4. Patient infotainment:
    1. economic benefit on all ClinicAll infotainment offerings:
    2. TV, Internet, phone, etc.
  5. Guests and visitors:
    1. taxi service;
    2. B&B/hotel special offers for guests;
    3. restaurant offers.

How To Acquire CHC Tokens

A maximum of 100 Million CHC Token are to be generated and distributed during the ClinicAll ICO session. Afterwards, no new units can be issued. The CHC Token will be listed on an exchange where owners are free to trade and sell Token.

The ClinicAll Health Community can be directly accessible through the ClinicAll mobile app which directs members and app users to an exchange where everyone interested in investment, is able to purchase CHC tokens from other Token holders after the ICO phase.

Becoming part of one of the largest healthcare ecosystems is an extremely simple task. Moreover, ClinicAll takes care of your well-being and rewards you for your contributions to strong health!

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