Cryptocurrency Market Cap Over $150 billion: Ethereum and Bitcoin Hoist it Up

bitcoin ethereum market cap

The Total Digital Currency Market Capitalization surged past and over the $150 bln mark with the help of Bitcoin and Ethereum strong trading shows.

Only in the last 24-hours Bitcoin price increased for 4.01 percentage points above $4350 while Ethereum, the second in command climbed for 4.11 percentage points to $334.38.

bitcoin ether market cap

Source: Coinmarketcap

Bitcoin and Ethereum Market trading Show

After the incredible gains that Bitcoin price against the US Dollar experienced, the pair entered a fluctuating phase. Just before the latest climb and stable territory, Bitcoin did lose 10 percentage points of its total All-time record level it reached few days ago.

The declination might have been a result of the scaling issue that tanked the blockchain network or the virtual currency as the bitcoin developers aim to grow the transaction size.

Ethereum stable growth was introduced with reaching and trading close to monthly highs, but still hovers lower than the record level of $400 in June 12.

But on the positive side, the digital currency surged for 4,000 percent only in 2017 with an increase of more than $30 bln market cap.

Everywhere else throughout the Market

The just split from Bitcoins network – Bitcoin Cash in the last 24 hours declined for 3.34 percentage points with a trading volume of $367 million and almost $11 billion market cap.

Ripple – XRP/USD is trading at a low of $0.22 with a market cap of $8.70 bln while Litecoin being ranked 5th in the industry with $2.6 bln leaving behind IOTA $2.4 bln of market cap.

bitcoin cash xrp litecoin

NEM and Dash climbed to a cap of $2.3 bln, while Neo currencies stood at $2.0 bln.

The cap of Ethereum Classic token totaled $1.5 bln, which accounts for one percent of the total market cap.

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