Dash (DASH) Moves to Monthly Highest Against the USD as Atomic Wallet adds the Token

DASH Cryptocurrency

Including Monero (XMR), the pair DASH/USD are out of the highest gainers for the top leading currencies for this weekend. DASH opened doors to the 1st of September with a strong 15.00% increase in the last 24-hours.

DASH trading now

Source: coinmarketcap

For the time being, DASH is leading the BTC market for 13.34% in the green while overcoming the $200.00 mark after two failed attempts two days ago. Not making above the important level, handled the wheel to the bears which tanked the pair to the lows of $175.00. However, going with the bullish trend overtaking the market for two days now Dash is going for the monthly highest now.

The multi-digital asset wallet Atomic Wallet has announced that the 12th largest coin is integrated to save it. Konstantin Gladych – CEO of Atomic Wallet, added for DFN the following:

“We have two main goals. First of all, Atomic[‘s] team is [tasked with] development of secure, convenient, user friendly multi-assets solution. Also, our wallet works with built-in Atomic swap exchange and we are very interested in mass implementation of it. We truly believe in decentralized technologies of blockchain, and we want to introduce it to all of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.”

Dash’s blockchain network processed double of Bitcoin’s transactions. The event was part of a network stress test which proved long-term scaling strategies with no performance decrease.

Very comparable to DASH, Monero is another highlight of the day with above 10.00% in the last 24-hours attempting to follow Dogecoin tremendous increase of almost 60.00%.

Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)–According to a report by the initial coin offering (ICO) advisory and research firm Satis Group, both Monero and Bitcoin look to be the biggest winners in terms of price gain over the next decade. Satis, which publishes outlooks for both ICOs and current cryptocurrencies, as well as advising on  the forces that will shape the industry, has released a new forecast for the next ten years that puts XMR as the greatest price gainer while predicting XRP to be in for a historic crash.