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A partnership between Arizona State University and Dash made it possible for a start of a “Blockchain Research Lab” according to Fortune and Dash Force News. Created in the University’s Fulton College of Engineering while it will be concentrating on mining centralization, blockchain security, energy efficient mining and scalability.

The company behind Dash at the start of this year, prepared a kind of incubator for technology-related startups offices at ASU’s Skysong Innovation Center.

Funds Self-Made for the Startup

With the help of Dash network, The BRL was funded to the tune of $50,000. In this particular Blockchain Network, 45% of the block rewards go to miners, 45% to special nodes called masternodes and 10%to the decentralized system. For now, Dash’s has close to $23 million annual budget.

Ryan Taylor – the CEO of Dash Core said:

“Dash is focused on becoming the first digital currency capable of mass-market adoption. We believe our incentivized infrastructure model offers a viable path to providing the capacity required to operate at massive scale. Validating and improving our approach through rigorous research offers enormous potential benefits to users over the long-term.”

More Details in this Interview

Below you will find quoted an interview between Joel Valenzuela – the Chief editor of Dash Force News and Cointelegraph’s Team:

Cointelegraph: What are your thoughts on Dash’s sudden surge in price?

Joel Valenzuela: To be honest, it was due. Dash has consistently proved to be a valuable power-player in the cryptocurrency space, with a superior user experience, solid development team, energetic and positive community, and long-term plan for mass-market growth. When new cryptocurrency users do their research, it’s hardly surprising to see investment flowing into Dash. Dash is a perfect candidate for a user seeking a sleek and cheap payment experience.

CT: While you say this has been a long time coming, do you know of any specific reason it happened now, and so violently?

JV: The creation of a blockchain research lab by the Dash network at Arizona State University was certainly a nice announcement, but it’s doubtful that it alone was responsible for such a spike in the markets. Since the Dash surge coincided with that of Bitcoin Cash, my guess is that several large Bitcoin holders switched to Bitcoin Cash, only they diversified into Dash as a backup. That’s my guess at any rate, the volatile crypto markets of today can be a bit cryptic.

CT: Many are saying that crypto is in a bubble that’s due to pop, and others believe that this is actually the beginning of a multi-year bull market. Still others think that this is the very beginning of mass adoption. Where do you stand?

JV: With all three, as unhelpful as that answer may be. Much cryptocurrency valuation is based on projects which have yet to (and may never) deliver a viable product to end users, and that can certainly be called a bubble. As far as investments are concerned, we are very likely in the beginning of a multi-year bull market as investors around the world are waking up to viability of digital assets. As far as mass adoption is concerned, I would say we are not even at the beginning, not even close. Bitcoin’s network congestion hit the pause button on adoption, possibly setting it back years. Dash is taking a good stab at mass market adoption with the upcoming Evolution update. When that happens, we very well may see a crypto rally that dwarfs all those that came before.

CT: What does Evolution do? How will it help bring along mass market adoption?

JV: Evolution will seek to bring a smooth, user-friendly, “even your grandmother can figure it out” experience to cryptocurrency, at the protocol level. Right now, cryptocurrency is difficult and intimidating to use for the average users, with long cryptographic keys and easily misplaced funds. Several companies simplify the process for the regular user, but remain centralized entities. Evolution will bring the PayPal-like experience with all the censorship resistance and power over your own funds that cryptocurrency die-hards have come to know and love.

CT: What are Dash’s current weaknesses? Nobody’s perfect, right?

JV: In a field driven by hype around the latest and greatest tech, Dash’s main offering, a simple and cheap decentralized payment system, is kind of “boring” today, especially in a crowded field with heavy hitters like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. It will take some effort to try to overcome the network effects of several years of crypto dominance. To put it bluntly, Dash is likely not going to be the darling of tech conferences obsessed over the newest intricate creation. It must compete on the simple yet powerful merit of providing wealth and efficient transactions against newer and flashier competitors, as well as the industry old-guard. It’s perfectly doable, but will be an uphill battle.

CT: Joel, if you don’t mind dusting off your crystal ball, where do you see Dash in five years?

JV: At the current rate of growth and checking out the competition, I would say as one of the dominant payment systems on the planet, and the first global and wildly successful decentralized autonomous organization. In short, as the first “out of beta” crypto whose primary use is in daily economic life rather than experimentation.

Dash Makes the Market even more Competitive

The fund that the blockchain network has up its sleeves as a budget ($23 million) made it possible for a significant amount of people to be hired in its road map process – from developers, administrative staff and scores of part timers. The network has already approved proposals to fund Dash’s visit and platinum sponsorship of the BTC & Blockchain International Summit in Beijing and sponsorship of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Stockholm. Dash will also be hosting its own Dash Conference 2017 in London later this year.

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