Dash Price Tops All-Time High: Takes 5th Place with a 30% Gain

dash price

Dash price is included in the altcoin growth the recent days as it takes the 5th place by market capitalization and flies past $400.00

Dash broke its way upwards above the $3 bln market cap level securing a position above Litecoin which had a cemented marking for quite some time there.

After a very slow increasing flow for quite some time, Dash price against the US Dollar right now (as time of the press) jumped upwards from [struggling] around below $350.00 to $440.00 in just a couple of minutes.

dash trading

Source: coinmarketcap

It is ‘literally’ a straight rocketing gaining line as it looks like someone reached very deep on the whale pockets! It’s a very dramatic situation as in just minutes the price is going below and over the $440.00 [$425.00 -$439.00] so a mid-gain stabilization could be welcome or a massive pullback might take place.

cryptocurrency asset trading

As per the moment, it is close to impossible to predict any outcome as the market is ‘everywhere-nowhere’. Usually (at least for the top-ten) virtual currency token prices move in a very similar pattern following the leader, however as traders are moving in various ways of choice right now anything can happen.

For Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin the similar moving patterns are kept in tact even this week so do your research in the same manner as before, while BCH [Bitcoin Cash] could return very low or continue higher so it is no safe zone to buy (in big sizes).