Dash to Increase Adoption With New Payments Partner

The success of a cryptocurrency will largely depend on how many people use it for its intended purpose, which for most is digital money. Dash has recently announced a partnership with a global payments provider that will increase its usage and adoption.

The partnership with ePaymints will accelerate the implementation of Dash in high chargeback and cash based industries according to the announcement. Chargeback is a big industry and it generally refers to a demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction. The company claims to have helped clients win back 65 to 92 percent of chargeback disputes.

Sacramento, California based ePaymints touts itself as a specialist in finance and a “global merchant account, gateway provider, and technology company, with an arsenal of solutions, which redefine traditional payment processing.”

Global Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group, Bradley Zastrow, said;

“Cash based and high chargeback industries pay much higher credit card fees on average, and that’s when they are lucky enough to get credit card acceptance – often that’s not an option. This is an obvious use case for Dash, and we’re proud to be recognized by ePaymints as the leading cryptocurrency positioned to solve these payment problems. Already, there are client integration consultations under way and together, we look forward to expanding the Dash ecosystem.”

ePaymints has a substantial global network with payment processing for 195 countries, 135 currencies and 47 partner banks, according to their website. One of the key services includes making payment acceptance transparent while protecting the card holder’s data. Chief executive Jodi Durst added;

“We’re no strangers to payments processing technologies, having worked with almost every merchant solution you can name in our years of service. Merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world is already growing at a rapid rate, and Dash has been a huge part of that trend. It’s an exciting opportunity to be partnering with Dash to help provide our merchant customers with the cryptocurrency industry’s premier payments solution.”

Dash did not really react to the announcement in terms of market prices. It has rallied with the rest of the altcoins over the past two days adding 20% since Tuesday but has pulled back a little since then. Its lowest level for the year came last Sunday when it dropped to $84. Dash remains just below $100 at the time of press and has not posted any further gains on the day.