EWN is commited to trust, transparency, and complete disclosure of all financial interests at all times.

Editoral Policy Disclaimer

EWN adheres to a strict editorial policy that is guided by trust, transparency, objectivity, and high-quality sourcing. Our writers are required to disclose any financial interest in projects they write about.

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Press release disclaimers

Any press release on EWN is fully disclosed as an advertisement. They are generally paid for by advertising firms, PR firms, and other marketing agencies.

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who is behind ewn?

The Ethereum World News team is composed of professionals who, in addition to being passionate about writing, are also enthusiastic believers in the positive influence that cryptos can bring to the future world.

We are not owned by any business that operates within the blockchain or cryptocurrency space. Our team and staff of experts, are a group of cryptocurrency analysts, coin researchers and blockchain writers. Check out our team here