Dogecoin (DOGE) Game-Changing Stellar Performance: Ethereum’s ETH Impact on the Coin

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It seems as all happened in a matter of seconds. Since Wednesday morning, traders have witnessed a major price plunge as BTC deep-dived to the lows of $6,450 from $7,377 in a day.

As explained in an EthereumWorldNews post, the last day and its speedy decline could make even us crypto-enthusiasts conclude that the market is too volatile to get a thumbs up by SEC. Believing that the crypto recovery will be supported by ETF acceptance from the commission could turn to a long waiting game.

However, impacting your opinion with the original idea on how Bitcoin and the whole blockchain concept initiated, we do not need ETF for the crypto-verse to be significant. When adoption hits the level of making tokens immune to bearish news that the ecosystem could be settled.

With that said and in the midst of this violent sell-off taking place, there is one beloved meme-d coin the community loves – Dogecoin.

Dogecoin DOGE

Surely it is known how altcoins follow the performance majorly of the one in lead Bitcoin BTC against the USD, however in the past week the pair DOGE/USD kept its head above waters with a unique movement pattern. The latest announcement of a Ethereum-Dogecoin network bridge for efficient transfer between the two might have caused the bullish sentiment over the coin. The elaborated coin here is in more benefit as its range of operations increases accordingly with the second in lead Ethereum’s flexibility with smart contracts.

Getting back to the market now, out of all the top-50 leading coins DOGE is the only that is not in the decline with a double digit percentage. Being in the red with only 4.00% for the last 24-hours, it is balancing bulls and bears at $0.0049 attempting to make it above $0.0050.

This independence from the market action showcased by Dogecoin could bring more investment to flow-in while accordingly hoisting the value even more. Additionally it requires a low level of money to put a good amount of the token in your digital wallet.