EOS (EOS) Latest Headlines to Read: Price to Re-Test Weekly Highest

EOS Latest

As the weekend is strolling closer which marked days of great bull-runs recently, crypto-verse market prices are stepping in the positive gaining trend. For the last 24-hours most leading coins are experiencing increase in value against the US Dollar. One of the digital assets that is standing out quite well making headlines is EOS – 5th largest by market capitalization.


The pair EOS/USD per time of writing is changing hands at $5.78 with 4.21% gain in the last day. The increase marks the highest out of the top-ten coins by market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap.


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With its speedy hoist today morning, EOS was able to move above the weekly declining trend which tanked the price from achieving any major positive percentage. The clear took place at $5.66. Even that traditionally cryptocurrencies follow the leading one Bitcoin (BTC) when it comes to price developments, in the previous weeks many times altcoins took the wheel for the better. Today’s run could signal a similar weekend awaiting as the previous one where altcoins dominated.

Recent Developments

– On September 27th, 2018, CEO and founder of Block.one Brendan Blumer sat for an interview with Bloomberg to talk about various sides of the present cryptocurrency industry. Block.one is the firm/team behind EOS.io blockchain project.

When asked about the plans for the raised funds in the very famous ICO, the CEO continued:

“So we’ve shared the first billion dollars of capital with the EOS VC… The primary bulk of [the funds] are really designed to be used as an investment into developers building on the EOS.io application itself. The first commitment of a billion is what we made public, however, we haven’t limited our involvement to that first capital injection because there is no need to overfund those projects in their early years.”

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– Huobi Accused – The Singapore based exchange is accused of arranging and stage-mounting voter colusion during EOS block producers elections. Screenshots of a spreadsheet obtained by Chinese-based EOSONE are claimed to record block producers voting for each other and, it is also alleged, in Huobi’s case receiving payments from other bps.


Circle Adds Leading Altcoins – Godman Sachs backed crypto-platform startup Circle has added the four coins among the top ones are going to be added: Stellar XLM, 0x ZRX, QTUM and EOS.

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