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Ethereum climb continues – as Ripple price starts recovering

Now, compared to monthly lowest for the top-cryptocurrencies


While on Tuesday, the Second on the row with the biggest market capitalization Ethereum had a strong recovery where it reached $254.64 which is around 85% higher than the almost three months lowest price which Ethereum hit on the market crash on Sunday.

Its market cap topped $23.7 billion which is almost 100 percentage points higher than its monthly lowest market cap. At the end of the day Ethereum struggled to keep its ground its price dropped to around $225.25.

Even with that, right as of now we are on the winning tracks, as of per Wednesday it is showing quite strong rebounding signs even only with the start of the day, as it touched the value of $240.22 and with its whole market cap keeping it in the second place $21.9 billion (as of the time of this article being written)

Source: coinmarketcap

Ethereum showed more stable floor than the other top-cryptocurrencies right now after the market plunge on the past weeks. With a 10 percentage points recovery for a couple of hours now since the start of the day, we will hope it will continue at its best.

Its gains this week reflect are in concert with the losses it suffered over the last two weeks, when it lost nearly 50 percent of its value, falling from $282.31 on July 4 to $189.86 on July 14.

The price tumbled from $391.51 June 13 to $262.38 on June 26, then rebounded to $321.83 on June 28.

Ripple, topping even bitcoin the first in place by the multi-billion dollar market capitalization recovery, showed signs of coming back with a recovery of 6.97 percentage points with a price approximately $0.185 and a market cap from $6.71 billion to $7.10 billion.

Last Thursday, Ripple posted a 2.97% gain in a 24-hour period that saw all of the billion dollar players lose value.

Source: coinmarketcap

In General, 14 out of the 15 coins experienced double-digit percentage price increases Tuesday as the total cryptocurrency market cap swung back above the $80 billion mark. Ripple’s price was leading the advance, showing a 21% gain, and bringing its market cap within striking distance of $7 billion.



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