Ethereum (ETH) Not Holding Back as its Performance Showcases Great Future Potential

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin blockchain network is dealing with around 230k transactions for the good btc miners charge a total fee of 37 btc for the last day that equals to $340,000.

However, the second runner in the very famous crypto-show: Ethereum (ETH), is not standing behind Bitcoin on that aspect at all as it reached 800k transactions with a 515 ETH fee that sums up at $375,000.

Following up, Litecoin and Monero are standing at around the same amount when it comes to fees [$4,000] while Bitcoin Cash still with less use and demand with fees at $2,000.

ETH Transaction

Despite the fact that the leader of the cryptocurrency rank by market capitalization is around for a very long time, the clear winner when it comes to finding use in the place is Ethereum.

When it comes to bitcoin and what it can do – there is room left only for 100k more transactions, but Ethereum’s reach is at 600k for what it is now, which number can go at 1 mil with a couple of improvements that have taken place lately.

These are numbers that could be reality just until sharding comes which might hoist the transaction handling for Ethereum even to 100 mil.

“I’m most bullish about Ethereum simply because people are actually building on it,”

These are the words of the co-founder of the very popular social news aggregator Reddit – Alexis Ohanian, who is pointing towards Ethereum for those that want to be part of the winner zone while recommending to look past Bitcoin [BTC].

The main reason that Ohanian is favoring Ethereum over Bitcoin is the flexible-environment for application development that the former one delivers against the blockchain platform of the latter one.