Ethereum (ETH) Remains as One of the Best Long-Term Investment Choices

Ethereum Blockchain Innovation

For the past years since the crypto-verse has gained a catapulting momentum, people are setting Ethereum under their radar of investment heavily. That is of no surprise as it overcame Litecoin and various coins, famous in that time, in a short period.

Even that the profit was mountain sized, it does guarantee a long-term solidity of gain. But, when it comes to Ethereum – speculations, predictions and expectations are of the highest in mid and long term. As always, whenever the talk is about financial investments especially trading, it should be done safely and never over-doing it.

Ethereum Competitor

Without a doubt the race would be no fun with no real competitor. Known as the original, Bitcoin is seen as the catalyst of the crypto-story. Many recognize the whole cryptocurrency verse by just the name Bitcoin. Which is why the first thing that comes to mind is the comparison of Ethereum to Bitcoin.

In general, Ethereum is in-miles away better in tech development as a platform compared to Bitcoin. Ethereum blockchain network offers developers a welcoming infrastructure to expand their ideas and create their own digital currencies. This was the introduction of a new generation of cryptocurrencies attempting to offer more than the previous once did.

That is not even close to all. Ethereum’s aura of attraction continues to glow strong as it teams up with leading corporations like Intel or Microsoft. Many giants are testing the platform for their better.

The team behind the very potential Ethereum blockchain has released the Vyper language. Until now it is receiving very welcoming comments and feedback on social media and such.

Vyper compiles to EVM – Ethereum’s Virtual Machine bytecode very similar to Solidity. However, makes the whole process easier and user friendly.

When the highest level of security is asked for – Vyper will come in hand. For instance, Smart Contracts holding patient health metadata.

“…will deliberately forbid things or make things harder if it deems fit to do so for the goal of increasing security.”

The most compelling evidence for Ethereum’s bright future is their adoption by FinTech which targets the implementation of smart contracts into financing processes. They have publicly showcased their strong interest into developing innovative ways to transforms economic interactions with the help of Ethereum.