Ethereum Rival Revealed? – EthereumDARK Takes Stage

ethereum competition

Copy-cats or virtual currency cloning-coins are appearing very often nowadays as the community and industry is becoming more famous trying to stand out on the brand, name or idea behind it.

This is possible while cryptocurrencies are mostly open-source codes repositories that give the opportunity to be copied or modified around. Making name for itself is another clone-coin of Ethereum called EthereumDARK. It happened before to Bitcoin but it did lose its steam quickly.

Just to clarify the case – there should be no confusion between Ethereum and EthereumDark as there is no connection. We know Ethereum (one and only) and Ethereum Classic which is a split of the original network while sharing a large part of the blockchain. If there is any coin that claims any connection to Ethereum and its original blockchain network keep in mind the above mentioned and you will divide truth from fake.

The very first time EthereumDARK was taking attention was in Bitcointalk approx a month ago. Very surprising it is using on of the biggest altcoin’s name in its brand as there were responses for the clone-coin in the beginning from the community but as time passed it could continue just a following tail with no purpose.

Under the hood, EthereumDARK also brings nothing new to the table whatsoever. Its hybrid PoW/PoS approach has been used by many different altcoins in the past, although there is a larger focus on the proof of stake aspect for the time being. Moreover, contrary to how Ethereum originally came to be, there will not be an ICO for EthereumDARK, which shows that this is an entirely new blockchain that we are dealing with. Anyone who once believed this project was linked to Ethereum will know by now that this altcoin stands on its own entirely.

Worth to mention is that EthereumDark does use Ethereum’s name, has taken out the ICO part and will find use of a premine instead. Based on the declaration – the money will be put on the cryptocurrency development, marketing, bounties and continuing on.

These are pretty common tactics which indicate the developers will try to push the price of EthereumDARK up as high as possible and then simply unload their premine before moving on to a new project.

As cross-chain atomic swapping is being tested and integrated, it will be part of EthereumDark’s network too. However, in any case it is not easy-described at all as it is the work for years and research of developers for the results But time will tell and we might be surprised by what the coin will offer.

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