Vitalik Buterin Describes Ethereum To The Average People and Why It's Important

Google Could Have Offered Vitalik Buterin a Job

A tweet published by Vitalik Buterin a few days ago revealed a possible job offer that Google would have proposed to the creator of the Ethereum network.

The tweet showed a screenshot of an email sent by an on-site engineering recruiter at Google that encouraged him to join the technology giant as an option that “make sense in the near future.”


Google Could Have Offered Vitalik Buterin a Job 10
A screenshot of the tweet. Vitalik Buterin deleted the original uncensored picture most likely due to privacy reasons.


Perhaps the reason that caused Vitalik to delete the Tweet was that the screenshot showed personal information about “Lizzie,” the woman responsible for sending the email.

Disclosure of personal information such as photographs and e-mails may have negative consequences for the affected person. It would also confirm a strategy that Google may wish to keep confidential.

However, after correlating the email address of the alleged screenshot with some social networks, it is easy to conclude that a person who works for Google indeed sent the said mail .

It is important to note that, even if the person works for Google, it does not necessarily mean that the email represents the opinion or interest of that company.

During the time the survey was online, the responses generated an intense debate in the community. The majority – 59% – were against Vitalik leaving the Ethereum Project.

Judging by Vitalik’s personality, the tweet may have had a more sarcastic or amusing connotation than a serious one. Vitalik is too committed to the Ethereum project just to put it aside.

An abandonment could have negative repercussions on the price of Ether, the Ethereum’s token, as Vitalik is seen as the mastermind behind that blockchain.

Currently, Vitalik has his time busy in several ambitious projects to improve the Ethereum network: The most outstanding is the Casper protocol -which would involve the migration from PoW to PoS.

Another significant development is Sharding technology —which would imply the possibility of adding blocks every less-than-10-seconds instead of the current 10 minutes.

Google Joins a Group of Prestigious Companies That Are Investing in Blockchain Implementations

On the other hand, Google confirmed their interest in the implementation of blockchain technologies. According to Bloomberg, a spokesperson said:

Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential use of blockchain, but it’s too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans,

Google’s discussions with Vitalik could be a sign of the high level of interest and attention that Google is paying to these technologies.

At present several large companies seem to point to blockchain as an attractive technology: Facebook, Venrock, JP Morgan, Telegram, Goldman-Sachs, Amazon, are some examples of this trend.