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Guess Which is Now in a Top Ten Cryptocurrency? NEO (Antshares), China’s Answer to Ethereum

China's Ethereum is disrupting the space.


Until now Ethereum was a knockout Cryptocurrency which is snapping at Bitcoin heels, and expecting by some experts to blow past Bitcoin entirely. But during this year Ethereum prices were very volatile.

Ethereum climbed 30,7% higher over the past week. Bitcoin price was up 18,5% higher while Neo rocketed about 143,8% higher in just a week. That’s the kind of gains people expect from crypto.

NEO, formerly known as “AntShares” is China’s answer to Ethereum, it functions similarly, but with a few differences. NEO is gaining a strong momentum lately, making massive gains for investors.

The thing that gives NEO a competitive advantage over Ethereum is that it launches Smart Contract Platform dubbed NEO 2.0, which supports traditional programming language, unlike Ethereum which uses its own programming language, Solidity.

So this means that NEO is far more open to developers, giving it advantages and having a different overall mission.

This makes the barrier to entry for new developers much smaller than other platforms as they do not need to learn a new language code.

NEO is creating an entire smart economy, incorporating digital assets, smart contracts and a digital identity that can be used for real world applications and become integrated into real economy.

China could be a candidate for that first real world application and integration.

NEO is fully operational and does a few things (better) than Ethereum. The platform is also primed for running Initial Coin Offering (ICO) especially for upcoming Chinese ICOs. Soon China could expect a flood of Initial Coin Offerings on NEOs platform, which has been one of the biggest draws for Ethereum this year.

We should definitively be keeping an eye on NEO as it continues to develop


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