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Here Is How You Can Track Tron’s 33.25 Billion TRX Frozen Till 2020

To further guarantee the circulating supply of TRX would not suddenly increase in the crypto-markets, the TRON Foundation did two things after the project’s Mainnet was launched back on June 25th. The first thing they did, was the immediate coinburn of 1 Billion TRX that reduced the total distribution of the coins to 99 Billion. The second thing that the Tron team did, was to lock up 33.25 Billion of their very own TRX till January 1st, 2020.

The lock up was further done in 1,000 different accounts to further protect the stash of digital assets. By distributing the coins, the Tron Foundation reduced the probability of losing all the coins at one go due to a hack or a number of hacks.

It is with this background that Justin Sun announced just hours ago, that they have created a query tool for anyone who wants to check the 1,000 addresses and their corresponding TRX values. In the tweet, Justin stated the following:

Last month, considering the safety of digital assets, @Tronfoundation locked 33,251,807,424 #TRX in 1000 addresses of #TRON mainnet, in order to let #TRONICS search these addresses more conveniently, we made a query tool, feel free to search now.

The query tool is available online by following this link.

Continual Increase of Daily Transactions and Accounts on the Tron Network

The Tron Network is continually gaining new accounts as well as increasing the volume of transactions per day. On August 7th, the daily transactions on the Tron Network numbered 128,438. This number, via Tronscan, currently stands at 185,987 transactions per day. The most recent peak in daily transactions was experienced on August 8th when this number reached 215,811.

The number of accounts on the network has also increased from 92,175 on August 7th, to current values of 171,997. This is an increase of 86.6% in just 4 days.

It is therefore not surprising that Justin Sun has predicted that the Tron network will soon surpass the Ethereum network in terms of daily transactions.