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Hot Crypto Topics on The Table at Binance Blockchain Week

It has been a busy week for Binance with the launch of another new exchange and the four day blockchain event currently running in Singapore.

Running from January 19 to 22 the Binance Blockchain Week has drawn thousands of attendees to see some of the biggest names in the crypto industry. The first two days hosted the Binance SAFU Hackathon while today and tomorrow is the Binance Conference.

The official website has highlighted the need for such an event as the industry is currently going through a tough time;

“Currently there is a large degree of turmoil in the crypto market. Uncertainty is plaguing the industry and companies are facing a growing number of challenges. There is a need to unite efforts and initiate a global blockchain movement that will re-energize and create a positive orientation for blockchain and the industry as a whole.”

The hackathon is part of the company’s SAFU, Secure Asset Funds for Users, and ‘buidl’ ethos which involves working towards better products and security for the future of crypto and blockchain applications. Building a safer environment to trade crypto will be paramount to its wider adoption and Binance is at the forefront of security.

The conference, which is currently ongoing, is a showcase where over 50 “dedicated, extraordinary and creative minds in the blockchain space will gather to discuss current industry trends, hot topics and seek innovative solution to explore further development of blockchain ecosystem.”

In addition so Binance boss CZ is Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO, Tron founder Justin Sun, Anthony Pompliano, Partner of Morgan Creek Digital and representatives from a number of crypto organizations including Ripple, PwC, Qtum, Vertex, Bloq, Ontology, R3, ConsenSys, Circle, and the Ethereum Foundation.

Following the fireside chat with CZ the first panel discussed ‘Lessons Learned in Crypto and Token Investments’ which was followed up with ‘The United Nations of Blockchain: New Solutions to Sustainability Development Goals’.

Tomorrow’s conference items include NEO founder Da Hongfei talking about the ‘smart economy’ and Justin Sun on dApp ecosystems on the blockchain. Stablecoins and enterprise blockchain solutions will follow lunch with the emerging markets in crypto to watch in the afternoon.

Unlike major tech fairs organized by the likes of Microsoft or Apple to tout their own products and services, crypto conferences are largely team oriented affairs. Binance has started what will likely be a growing trend in creativity and productivity for the industry which is good news for anyone with an interest in crypto and a desire to see it grow and become a part of our daily lives.