Humaniq Brings its Users the Expertise Needed to Stay Ahead In A New Economy

Humaniq Brings its Users the Expertise Needed to Stay Ahead In A New Economy

London, August 9, 2018 – Humaniq, the  London-based Fintech firm that provides next-generation financial services for the unbanked, today launches a pilot project Humaniq Farm for users  in the agricultural business, in order to empower them to advance as entrepreneurs.

According to a study conducted by the Humaniq team, agriculture is a vital sector for sub-Saharan Africa. However, given Africa’s rapid economic transformation, demographic changes, fast urbanisation and a shortage of qualitative data, there is a risk of farmers lacking the expertise to take advantage of new market opportunities.  The overwhelming majority of Humaniq users are students living in larger cities who are from rural areas and farming families and Humaniq’s goal is to provide them with educational and motivating content.

The pilot project Humaniq Farm is a platform aimed at improving the business knowledge that African users have today. The Humaniq team’s plan is to start with general and inspiring features and move towards more complex and applied knowledge in terms of market segmentation, targeting, positioning in the agricultural market with a focus on the needs of target audiences.  The content from Humaniq will simultaneously be included  in the Humaniq mobile app that runs even on low-end devices and already has more than 400,000 users in 16 African countries onboard. All Humaniq Farm content is available in both English and Swahili.

“A sustainable and resilient agriculture sector is vital for sub-Saharan Africa’s economic future. It is a home to nearly half of the world’s uncultivated land that is able to be brought into production. Yet a lack of knowledge is a substantial barrier to a prosperous Africa and its people. The Humaniq Farm test project is aimed at eradicating illiteracy in the  agricultural sector step-by-step and providing  both  experienced farmers and those starting out across Africa with the skills and motivation to succeed,” –  said Dennis Nombo, Product Manager at Humaniq.


Humaniq is a London-based Fintech firm that provides next-generation financial services using its Hybrid Blockchain-based mobile application to the unbanked and underprivileged in emerging economies globally. Humaniq is focused on worldwide financial inclusion by providing access to global markets, greater opportunities, and novel financial solutions using repurposed technologies for those gaining exposure to financial services for the first time.

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