ICON (ICX) Collaborates With Qtum Blockchain Native Platform To Enhance Prediction

Collaboration in the world of blockchain really means a lot to most coins in the market, exactly while all strive to get one partnership or another.

Boastful of independent blockchain that comprises of “reputable institutions in major industries,” ICON has successfully initiated a strategic partnership with the Bodhi Foundation, a prediction based platform that is a native of Qtum blockchain.

ICON partnered with the prediction platform, according to a release issued on the medium page of the altcoin, with the belief that both entity involved will work hand in hand to promote one another.

“ICON and Bodhi will work together to enhance Bodhi’s prediction platform through interconnecting with other blockchains in the ICON network. The strategic partnership with Bodhi will strengthen the ICON community in China and may lead to more collaboration with DApps on other platforms,” the statement reads.

The allegiance, on Bodhi side will help increase prediction accuracy, transfer of value to different blockchain since ICON is a member of ‘Blockchain Interoperability Alliance’ and lastly, deploy Bodhi’s Dapp to ICON’s blockchain platform this year, while in ICON’s interest, it will increase its diversity.

Acknowledging the partnership, JH Kim, a member of ICON council narrated:

“Bodhi is the first live prediction market on a mainnet and it already has active users utilizing the product, having Bodhi on board will enhance the diversity and strength of the decentralized application ecosystem on the ICON platform.”

The founder of Bodhi Prediction Market, Xiahong Lin, while expressing his excitement over the development said: “ICON has a strong technological edge, a great user base and healthy ecosystem. Although Bodhi is native to the Qtum blockchain, we believe it is important to have footprints in other protocols as each of them has the advanced features. The partnership with ICON enables us to facilitate more accurate predictions and better reach out to Korean users.”

ICON (ICX) Token Migration

The news of the collaboration came along with the Cryptocurrency’s ICX token migration which is in progress with claims from the foundation that all activities involved remains smooth with no issues encountered.

ICON will be moving its token away from the Ethereum based ecosystem ERC20 where it was initially launched.

Even though the migration move is coming now, ICON is not the first Cryptocurrency to make such move, as Tron and EOS had theirs recently.