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Internxt for an Enhanced Internet – Decentralization; ICO Next

The New Internet!


In simple words, Internxt is trying to make the internet different from how we know it. How it works, the way it is organized – make it notably better. From their eyes, a decentralized internet is need for us Next.

As of right now, the Internet that we know works in that way that everything is hosted on servers that are managed and owned by enterprises.

Security and Privacy

Keeping that in mind, the very first issue to emerge is Privacy. While for now we all have to accept that enterprises and corporation get their benefits of our personal data like online marketing and so on. But if we were to decentralize the cloud; all the content, files, personal data would be split into pieces, spread and encrypted into different servers.

So here would the game-changing rules come in, as the internet would be owned by the people and not corporations. On top of that, people that are hosting these pieces that were split by a whole file get paid by Internxt – using Internxt’s own cryptocurrency. So not even Internxt has access to these files.

Source: internxtio

After that issue is solved, security follows with a promising plan. Remembering that all the files as a whole for now are saved in a server. If the hacker has access to the server than they gain access to the data also. With the decentralized idea even if the hackers gain access to the hos he/she would get just an encrypted piece of the file and it would make it impossible to retrieve the whole file.

These weaknesses of the centralized internet how we use it should be fixed with Internxt technology. It will turn upside down websites, mobile apps and files that are centralized now. And of course there is competition but the team is working so they have the best tech to deliver.

It has been founded and owned by Fran Villalba Segarra. A young entrepreneur who has been working for a long time with smaller internet projects, but now using the funds he managed from these projects in the past he is funding Internxt which for him is his biggest company he has ever created. It should be launched in 2018 and the ICO will be held end of summer 2017.

Its Whitepaper will be released the next month in August 2017, as per that date the offering day of the ICO will be announced.





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