John Mcafee to Panic Sellers: "Fcking Relax"... Every Bear Market is " Followed by a Glorius Spring" 10

John Mcafee to Panic Sellers: “Fcking Relax”… Every Bear Market is ” Followed by a Glorius Spring”

“F*cking Relax”

Perhaps these two words are the shortest and most important advice that John McAfee can give the crypto-verse at this time. The popular influencer and one of the most controversial personalities of the crypto community went to Twitter to address the public regarding the abrupt drop in prices of crypto assets.

John McAfee is Truly Bullish

Given the circumstances, John McAfee’s assertion may have more bullish substance than any of his previous statements. For many, it is easy to make a prediction with a bullish market while few can express such a sense of tranquility in the midst of a bearish market like the current one unless they have extreme confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies to build a better future.

McAfee explained that markets are cyclical and that after a bearish period, a bullish streak always follows and vice versa: “Bear markets are like Winter. It’s always followed by a glorious Spring.” These trend changes or corrections are essential to bring oxygen to markets and allow healthy and stable development.

Subsequently, John McAfee shared his impressions regarding the causes of the recent crash. According to his point of view, the main reasons point to confusion, fear, and uncertainty. He also emphasized that those who sold at a loss did so out of ignorance of the real potential of crypto and the massively growing base of crypto users.

Market Cycles Are Normal. Cryptocurrency Looks Promising

John McAfee concluded with a final tweet expressing that he was not alone in his optimism. He remarked that “nearly every major player in crypto” shares his position. He also reminded his followers that bearish forces are not eternal and will eventually burn out.

It is important to note that despite the fall in prices, the market for crypto and blockchain technologies is in constant expansion. The three most important cryptocurrencies of the global marketcap are currently undergoing significant developments that will allow a substantial growth of the markets in valuation and adoption.

Bitcoin’s Lighting Network is steadily growing, and it is expected that next year there will be the first signs of a massive implementation. Litecoin’s Charlie Lee is so sure of this that he bet against Roger Ver on it.

Ripple has announced the release of xRapid and is continuously gaining new followers and getting its products implemented by major international financial institutions. So much has been its growth that its XRP token has surpassed Ethereum in capitalization.

Ethereum, for its part, is about to make several significant changes that will increase its safety and efficiency. Recently Vitalik Buterin announced that Ethereum 2.0 is about to become a reality.