Ledger Nano X

Ledger Unveils Upgraded Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are growing in popularity as a safe haven for cryptocurrencies. Ledger is one of the world’s top providers of cold wallets and its flagship Nano range has just been given an upgrade.

The company unveiled its latest iteration of the popular hardware wallet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. According to PCmag, the current Ledger Nano supports 13 crypto assets directly and many more via third-party apps.

The all-new Ledger Nano X now has Bluetooth and supports up to a hundred more coin types and wallet apps. The six-fold storage expansion is for third-party developers to make sure that their applications can only sign transactions for their own private key.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Appearance wise it is pretty similar to its predecessor, the Nano S, aside from the interface which is a little larger. This will facilitate the inputs that need to be made on the device itself to maintain security. Anyone that has ever set one up will know what we’re talking about here!

A new mobile app called Ledger Live Mobile will take advantage of the new Bluetooth connectivity. Users can now remotely add or remove apps for various altcoins without having to plug into a PC via USB cable. According to The Verge adding Bluetooth has been a controversial move as any wireless communications are more vulnerable to unauthorized access or interception.

Ledger states that the Nano X has been designed to only respond to devices running the corresponding app which has presumably been synched with the cold wallet. The app has its own security features which preserve authenticity.

“The fact that we have a mobile application and it works with the Nano X is really the big evolution of the hardware for this lineup,” Ledger boss Eric Larchevêque told Coindesk.

He added that the price for the Nano S will fall after the Nano X is released. At the time of writing, it was not yet available on the company website and the Nano S was priced at $70. The Ledger app is expected to go live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store later this month. The Nano X will be available for pre-order this week at $119 to ship in March.

The CES is not a crypto show but it has awarded the Nano X with its 2019 “Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy” according to a company press release.