Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition is a great news for those who prefer more traditional ways to store their cryptos
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Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition Scheduled to July 9th

In an update posted on its official blog, Ledger has announced the release date of the Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition. The final date is scheduled for July 9th

This decision would make of Ledger a leading company not only in the manufacture of hardware wallets but also in the market of software-based wallets, an essential step in the expansion of its business vision.

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A Preview of the Interface Ledger is Developing

The company -known for its famous Ledger Nano S- has gained fame within the community for the high quality of its products. According to official data, the Ledger Nano S boosted the company’s production to more than 1 million units sold.

Until now Ledger relied on google chrome plugins and similar solutions for its configuration and use. But just after they announced the development of a Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition in February 2018, it was easy to note the positive sentiment it generated among the crypto fans.

As a result, Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition was announced with a lot of features that make it – again – a formidable competitor compared to other options like Trezor:

  • Native desktop application (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Multi-currencies (28 cryptos including Bitcoin, Altcoins, Ethereum, Ripple…)
  • Multi devices (Ledger Nano S, Ledger Blue)
  • Read-only consultation of accounts without device (protected by optional password)
  • Dashboard view of all assets
  • Counter values: choice of currency & exchanges
  • Send, receive, account balances & history
  • On device verification of the receive address
  • Faster account synchronization engine
  • Easy onboarding for new users

Also, Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition’s support for such a wide range of operating systems, facilitates not only adoption but also ease of use for a growing user base.

Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition: The Beginning of a New Era

The French company behind the development of Ledger will not settle for the launch of a Desktop Edition. According to their blog it seems like they also have plans to increase very soon the features and products they offer so far.

According to the post in which they announced the Desktop Edition, these would be the promises of new developments for the near future.:

  • Mobile application version (Android & iOS)
  • Ledger Nano/HW.1 support
  • Install/uninstall apps on Ledger Nano S automatically to smoothly manage a non limited number of cryptos on one device
  • Ethereum ERC20 tokens & contract management
  • Third party apps integration (buy/sell cryptocurrencies, exchanges, swaps…)
  • Transaction tags & notes
  • Spotlight search
  • Generate more than one new address
  • 100+ cryptocurrencies support

The Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition will hit markets this July 9th 2018. The mobile version is planned for the end of Q4 2018; also, the Ledger team will announce all the other developments when they reach their final version; however, Ledger’s priority is to support ERC20 tokens.

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