Lisk (LSK) Coin Story, News and Development and Future Price Prediction

Lisk (LSK) Coin Story, News and Development and Future Price Prediction 13

The crypto-verse is reaching not-imagined before heights with new technologies, ideas and coins debuting. This all begun from Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009 that was the only coin in its time. That number grew to over 1,500 cryptocurrencies per time of writing. But, the mentioned growing number directly equals to tech-competition within the ecosystem. Many now lead the top of the market by marketing-hype and many other by technological achievements per time or future plans. From the very low ranked, more than 350 have no market capitalization at all or equal to zero. But Lisk [token named LSK] is one of the leading ones and to look forwards.

Lisk (LSK) Story

It all was initiated with a ICO in Feb 2016 that was followed up with the MainNet launch three months later the same year. One of the standing out features that Lisk brings to the verse is giving the ability to developers to use JavaScript for creating dApps. With the side chains connected to the main chain while accordingly developers managing the dApps on the side ones, the team is trying to overcome the existing problems that Ethereum is facing, for example scalability.

Another very welcoming and appreciated side of the 21th largest coin is the integrated SDK that enable yourself-dApps development. Together with the above, you can create the decentralized application with no requirement of learning a complete new language.


China’s latest ranking has placed Stellar (XLM) and Lisk (LSK) ahead of Bitcoin (BTC). The ranking which is purposely invented for blockchain technology based on their applicability is a creation of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID) and the China Software Testing Center (CSTC).

In the ranking, Komodo, Nebulas, NEO, Stellar, Lisk, GXChain, and Steem were ranked ahead of the almighty Bitcoin because they have dependable applicability and technology that outweigh BTC. However, in areas of innovation, Bitcoin was given credence may be due to its long track record.

The development report posted on the Lisk official Medium said that the Lisk Core 1.1.0 quality assurance had been successfully completed and that the process was not only smooth but also without any issues.

“Here at LiskHQ, we’re buckled down and working hard in preparation for the upcoming Lisk 1.0.0 migration on Mainnet on August 29. All of the components of the Lisk ecosystem — Lisk Core, Lisk Elements, Lisk Commander and Lisk Hub — are all being updated and aligned with one another for the big migration. In addition to this, the Lisk Core team is also working on future releases,” the Lisk team wrote in the blog post.

LSK Price

Lisk (LSK) started off the year on a high note after the crypto market rallied in Q4 of 2017. The altcoin was going for $40 which is little less than 10 times its current price. Crypto analysts at the beginning of the year were very optimistic with crypto coins making predictions of LSK surpassing the $100 mark. However, this is yet to happen after the massive downtrend at the beginning of 2018 in all digital currencies!

For the time being the pair LSK/USD is the highest gaining in the last 24-hours out of all the top 25-coins, including leading ones like XRP, ETH, ADA and so on.

LSK Lisk Trading

Source: coinmarketcap