Litecoin Bullish Monthly Trend: LTC Price to Stabilize

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Litecoin price is on a gain rally for over a month now making it past $70. However, LTC/USD could be pulling back a little now for stabilization.

The Silver Crypto Against US Dollar

It has been a long fight to overcome the $50-$60 area for Litecoin price since the market crash back in September. Now, since the beginning of November when it dropped to $50, the pair LTC/USD is on an increasing path towards new heights.

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Source: coinmarketcap

As LTC price has reached $71.51 with 6.00% gain in the last 24-hours there is an over-extension above the supportive lines which is looking very promising but could cause a pull-back any moment as sellers were waiting for the $70 mark to be hit.

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A return to $65.00 as a support in the case of a below breakout could take place or a continuation to $75.00 next with $80.00 being a targeted level.

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