Bitcoin | BTC $ 7287.08 -2.21%
Ethereum | ETH $ 455.16 -2.26%
XRP | XRP $ 0.45 -3.72%
Litecoin | LTC $ 81.44 -5.18%

Is Litecoin an exception to the Crypto Market down flow

Keeping the trend going


Going back and looking what happened with lasts week sluggish market, you will notice that Litecoin and Dash were an exception to the downturn of all other top-known currencies. They even showed double-digit percentage gains.

Litecoin, out of all others climbed an all-time high ($55 then dropping to $51).

For this week, compared to most cryptocurrencies, Litecoin did well better during the market crash, while losing only 3.8 percentage, where most digital assets suffered significagnt more.

Out all the famous and the ones with more than a billion in market capitalization, the only one that did better than Litecoin was bitcoin, who in the past 24h only lost 2.82 percentage points.

As of now, it is trading around $45.77. After it, Ethereum lost 10.2 percentage points, followed by Ripple 14.3 percentage points.

The Market Crash out

For the first time in July, the market cap fell under $90 billion as it did on Tuesday where it did flat-out around $77 billion. Now its approx $84 billion

If you have been around since March, you would have noticed Litecoin as its blockchain asset was increasing the value every day form $3.85 to $53.60.

The Stable Growth

The Change of plan by Charlie Lee, the person who created Litecoin,who decided to jump from the position as the director of engineering at Coinbase – back to the growth and innovation of Litecoin was a catalyst for the support that came from BitGo for Litecoin and offering upgraded security services.

Lee stated:

“the decision of the BitGo development team to implement Litecoin and provide multi-signature security services for Litecoin-based platforms and service providers is a major step for the Litecoin community and industry.”

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